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Payment of Deposits, and the Final Balance for all Guided, Self Guided and Rental Only bookings are normally made by direct payment to our bank account, unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement.

This payment form is for the purpose of:


  • Making credit card payments, agreed upon by prior arrangement with us..


  • For providing your credit card details to secure and guarantee the insurance excess/ deductible and other expenses like accommodation and activity bookings you’ve asked us to make on your behalf… and gremlins like speeding and parking fines…  :-)You may have already paid, or made arrangements to pay for your tour or rental by direct payment or wire transfer to our bank account,  however you still need to complete this form and the following page.

ALL Hirers completing this form must provide a valid credit card on the following secure server page with the capacity to cover the Insurance Excess / Deductible /CDW to validate their Rental Contract.  

Advance charges will not be made to your card relating to the CDW/Excess, unless otherwise and previously agreed between us, or unless we have cause to believe that the ability to recover the insurance excess in the event of a claim is at risk.

Please fill in the low security details below, then click on the “Proceed..” button and you will be taken to our Secure Server where you can enter your more sensitive credit card details.


ALL USERS:  Please choose the appropriate option from the drop down list below to indicate your method of payment for your Tour or Rental.
Payment  Options:
For those making a  Credit Card Payment today, please select an option..
Please Select how you will make the future Balance Payment..
Authority to use credit card supplied to secure CDW/Insurance Excess and other possible future expenses.
After completing the options on this form you are required to click on the Proceed to Secure Server button at the bottom of the form.

After clicking on the Proceed To Secure Server button, you’ll be taken to secure server to submit your credit card details.

In completing and submitting this form you are giving your us your  approval for us to charge to the credit card you’ll supply on the following secure page in the event of:

    • Insurance Excess/ Deductible charges in the event of damage or expenses related to your rental of the bike (in the event of..)
    • Incidental Expenses e.g. traffic fines, accommodation expenses at lodgings that we’ve booked on your behalf etc, related to this booking.
    • Other charges specifically requested by you, related to this booking (e.g. additional accommodation, meals, activities, on-tour expenses such as drinks, etc)

Advance charges will not be made to your card relating to the CDW/Excess, unless otherwise and previously agreed between us, or unless we have cause to believe that the ability to recover the insurance excess in the event of a claim is at risk

Charges will only be made in the event of one of the expense events listed above, and only in relation to this tour or rental booking.

Important Note: Your Booking/Application is not complete and valid unless the a credit card is supplied on the following Secure Server page.
Credit Card Merchant Charges:


Unless previously agreed payment is required by wire transfer or direct payment to our bank account. Should a credit card payment be agreed upon, all credit card merchant charges will be passed on. If you wish to avoid such charges, please pay us by wire transfer.
Final Payment of the Tour Fare or Rental Balance: Is due 15 weeks / 105 days days prior to tour departure unless otherwise specified.


Please note that Deposits whether by wire, direct payment or credit card are non- refundable, for this reason: On the basis of your booking, we commit ourselves to the order and purchase of new bikes for our tour fleet, employ staff and secure accommodation reservations well in advance or your arrival. We  may well have  turned away other enquiries and bookings for your motorcycle, or place on the tour.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself against risk of cancellation with a good travel insurance policy.

If cancelled within 105 days of the tour departure, a cancellation fee of 100% of the tour fare will be applied.At our discretion, and with the support of our accommodation and restaurant partners, we may be able to recover & refund a portion of the accommodation and meal components

There will be no refunds or adjustments at all after the tour or rental period has commenced (e.g. arriving late or returning home early).

MORE ON TRAVEL INSURANCE: Most losses due to cancellation or late arrival can be avoided with a good, inexpensive travel insurance policy, for just a $20 to $30 per day per person.
It is your responsibility to protect yourself against your own risk of the need to cancel with a good travel insurance policy.We’re a tour provider, not  an insurance company.. :-).
Please expect us to decline refunds based on your uncovered risk.Travel insurance is generally available for less than NZ$200 per person for 14 days. Taking out a $200 policy to cover at multi-thousand dollar risk is a a no-brainer, in our opinion.
It’s our philosophy that all people have the choice to live their lives the way they choose, and thus take personal responsibility for the choices made.  :-)We can recommend travel insurers – please ask for more details.Please , please, please make sure you have covered your own risk (or don’t grumble if something goes wrong and you have to cancel….).
Please select the applicable Travel Insurance option
Your Name and Email Address: Please let us know your name and email so we know who sent us the loot! As much as we like anonymous donations, we prefer to be able to match cc details with real people 🙂
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