To secure/validate your Booking we require a Deposit of NZD$2000 per person on Guided and Self-Guided tours, or $1000 per bike on Rental Only bookings.
This is normally paid by credit card, though you can also Wire Transfer the deposit to us if you prefer – just choose the appropriate choice in the Deposit Payment drop-down list (See bank details below).

Please fill in the low security details below, then click on the “Proceed..” button and you will be taken to our Secure Server where you can enter your more sensitive credit card details.

If you are making a Rental Only, or Self Guided Tour Booking, skip the Guided Tour choices low, and go straight to the Payment Options section below.


Deposit Payment Options:
Security Deposit Payment: Please check this box..

… to give your approval for us to use credit card number supplied for your Security Deposit. No charges will be made to your card now.
Final Payment Options:
Important Note: Your Booking/Application is not valid unless accompanied by a deposit.

Credit Card Merchant Charges: Our preferred payment is by wire transfer as credit card merchant charges add up to significant annual total, in what is a low margin business such as tourism. This is normal, accepted practice in the travel industry. You may use your credit card to pay for your own convenience, however all credit card merchant charges will be passed on. If you wish to avoid such charges, please pay us by wire transfer.
Final Payment: 80 days prior to tour departure unless otherwise specified.


  • Please note that Deposits are non- refundable, for this reason: On the basis of your booking, we commit ourselves to the order and purchase of new bikes for our tour fleet, employ staff and secure accommodation reservations well in advance or your arrival. It is your responsibility to protect yourself against cancellation with a good travel insurance policy. We are not your insurers.. 🙂 If nothing else, pay your deposit with your Gold, Titanium of Platinum Credit Card as it may cover you against cancellation.
  • If cancelled within 84 days of the tour departure, a cancellation fee of 100% of the tour fare will be applied.
  • There will be no refunds or adjustments at all after the tour or rental period has commenced (e.g. arriving late or returning home early).

Needless to say, all losses due to cancellation or late arrival can be avoided with A GOOD TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY!!!
Please , please, please make sure you have one (or don’t grumble if something goes wrong and you have to cancel….)

YourName and Email Address: Please let us know your name and email so we know who sent us the loot! As much as we like donations we prefer to be able to match cc details with real people 🙂
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